Sr. High Missions Trip

Dalton Campus // Current 8th-12th grade Students
We are excited for the opportunity to take our Sr High Epic Students to a Mission Camp on July 9th-15th. These summer trips are always a great way to learn and share Jesus in settings that can be life-changing!  No spots left for this trip. 

What sets this trip apart from many of our others is that we will be joining hundreds of other students who are participating in Student Life Camp.  This camp is held at UNC-Asheville Campus.  All of our meals, lodging, recreation time, and worship experiences will take place through Student Life.  While not  everyone who attends Student Life Camp is engaging in missions opportunities, that will be our focus for the better part of each day.  Our mornings and evenings will include large group worship and teaching.  

The total cost for the trip is $425.  The initial deposit of $75 is due by March 13.  There will be a second payment of $150 due on May 1st, and the remaining balance of  $200 must be paid in full by June 11th.  

Please read the full information sheet before registering. Once you register, YOU ARE HELD  RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF THE TRIP IN ITS ENTIRETY unless our whole group has to cancel.  Starting Feb 1st, the online registration will be open on a  first come/first serve basis to any current 8th-12th grade students.