At Living Water, we believe the church should be a movement that continues to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth. We are challenging everyone who calls this body of believers “their church” to take ownership at Living Water. Ownership is a one-year commitment to the vision and purpose of the church. Owners are people who will say, “Yes, I will be someone who gives, serves, and leads the way in pointing people to Jesus Christ and shaping the church into everything He has called us to be".

Ownership symbolizes our commitment to unity. In essence, we are saying we believe we can accomplish more together than we could ever do apart. Take the challenge, become an owner!

I am committing to...


Thrive spiritually by praying & studying the Bible

Invite people into my life and invest in their spiritual growth

Make church a top priority


Join God in what He is doing by giving my time and talents

Share my faith with others and invite them to New Life in Jesus Christ


Trust God with my finances through tithing (10%)

Lead in generosity and look for greater ways to give

I Want to Become an Owner

By filling out the information below, you are committing to ownership at Living Water in 2023.